When is the terminal going to be available?
The GAT is scheduled to be operative on Dec 16, 2019, pending on approval from the airport authority.

Is handling still required?
Yes, every operator into Costa Rica needs to have a handler.

Where is the parking area?
The same remote parking areas that have been in use. The distance from the aircraft to the GAT must be traveled in a handler vehicle.

What benefits are included in the GAT?

  • An exclusive VIP experience for private operators ( pax lounges, snacks, coffee, meeting rooms, snooze room)
  • Onsite Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine (CIQ)
  • Reduced ground time from plane to car
  • Accessible through your ground handler of choice
  • No co-mingling with commercial passengers
  • Roof-covered access both roadside and rampside

How will the GAT facilitate the operations?
The GAT will make the arrival and departure much quicker for GA operations.

Is the use of the GAT mandatory?
No. The GAT is optional for those customers who want to reduce ground time and improve the experience by eliminating passing by the Commercial terminal and co-mingling with commercial passengers. The airport may not provide the preferential line for GA anymore.

What if the operator has schedule changes?
You coordinate all your pre-arrival details with your handler of choice. The handler will coordinate with the terminal.

How much will operators pay?
All users will pay a Terminal fee depending on the MTOW + a Passenger fee + Arrival or departure procedure coordination fee. 

Are there any discounts available?
Pax with CRC Passport and local operators with an AOC or a hangar at MROC and or MRPV will enjoy an introductory 20 percent discount. 

Where can I find more information: